The SummerSchool on “Citizenship of ‘minors’: Rights, Education, DIALOGUE” takes place on days 27, 28, 29, 30 in the conference room of the Trieste State Library, Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII, 6.

Only 28 at 6 pm in the Giardino San Michele. In case of rain, we continue also on 28 in the the State Library

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Progetto Camelozampa

As a  part of the overall line of study and commitment for the promotion of youth culture along the axis  “youth / dialogue / citizenship” pursued by the International Study and Documentation Center for Youth Culture a Summer School will take place in Trieste in the period from 27 to 30 August 2018  on the subject

La cittadinanza dei “minori”: Diritti , educazione, dialogo

Citizenship of “minors”: Rights, education, dialogue

Aims and Target

The Summer school is for undergraduate and master’s degree students, both doc and post-docs of various disciplines (history, philosophy, pedagogy, sociology) who prepare their curricula for the professions of teacher, social worker, trainer, sociologist, manager of culture … dealing with “young people”, both in the study and / or research, and in practices: from infancy to young adults.

The Summer School is designed as an integrated whole of different modules to give a wide and articulated competence able to face different situations in which the single professional figures can be found.

It is an in-depth area aimed at offering points of view and perspectives, methodologies and knowledge data on the problems related to the definition of “citizenship” and “minors” by crossing the results of a complex reality that involves all the places and ways in which educational processes are implemented.

The International Study and Documentation Center for Youth Culture  -iSDC-  is a research institution according to the European Rules concerning research Entities.

 Attendance at the courses organized by the Center gives right to obtain the certificate of attendance valid for all the uses permitted by law (CV, Title for participation in competitions, letters of referral and presentation by the scientific director and teachers..)