The  World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue XII edition, the project that the Centre supports with its scientific know how, closed its extraordinary days during which the “great family of the right to dialogue” (according to what was written in social media by some participants) consolidated its solidarity relations in a discourse that is scientific and civil commitment.

A strong thank must be said to the members and friends of the Poetry and Solidarity association. They are not visible to Forum participants; yet it is they who, without visibility, as volunteers, work throughout the year and make the recognition and funding necessary to be able to obtain the work and services of the team of professionals that everyone knows and thanks.

The theme of this year “There’s no  time left: Environment, rights, geopolitics” was treated according to a line of research that saw in space management (on different scales) the possibility of building harmonious “environments” (ecosystems) in constant though flexible balance: spaces to be built around relational values. Starting from these themes, as well as the constitutive reality of the forum that is represented as an exchange of ideas, models, examples taken from different cultures and traditions, the topic of “education” was then imposed: how to transfer knowledge? Transfer knowledge or values? What relationship between relational values and knowledge?

The “gift of cultures”, the party with which we gave ourselves goodbye, was a moment of great joy and emotion, and certainly from the forum initiatives will be born that bear the traces and that will involve more than one of the participants!