The tenth edition of the World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue about “The Dialogue Condition” took place in Trieste from 28 September to 1 October, with great success, both for the grat participation of young people and public and above all for the intensity of debates and the many suggestions launched for future elaborations and new results

Great involvement of the members of the Center (scientific partner of the project) . In particular, Antonella Rizzo suggested the name of the forum’s testimonial 2017, the theoretical physicist and epistemologist Ignazio Licata, who has put into play his knowledge on the terrain of  “complexity” with the lecture “Against the “Dismal Science”. A physicist among Economists”.Signiicant the scientific cooperation by Dario Castellaneta, Francesca Luise, Mark Veznaver, Hari Bertoja, Marcin PIekalkiewikz, Ornella Urpis, MIla Lazic (all members of the Centre). Enrico Maria Balli, CEO of Medialab of Sissa conducted the debate and the journalist Lucia Burello presented Ignazio Licata in a talk open to the citizenship

The multiplicity of the discussed themes and the points of view compared can  be read in the program (download). For all the developments, the reference is the part dedicated to the forum in .. Certainly fruitful participation in the forum will also depend on the forthcoming launch of the “Young Culture and Institution” study days programmed for the first days of December.