From 3 July, an online conference series begins on the theme

The Form of the “Relationship”: language, rights, dialogue (download the program

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The aim of the seminar is to verify the possibility of a critical revision of the individualist modern-contemporary paradigm, central in the disciplines of the historical-moral world (starting from a contrast with the exact disciplines) in function of the elaboration of a relational paradigm, transversal to the scientific methodologies despite their special applications to different subject matters.

Specialists from various disciplines face this problem and its critical issues by discussing about “form”, relationship, “complexity,  starting from the relationship between Language and Dialogue as elaborated in Linguistics.

But we will also ask ourselves about the fundamental consequences that the change of paradigm entails in the construction of subjectivity and rights.

The meeting is part of the series of meetings for the elaboration of the “Charter of Trieste- World Charter for the Right to Dialogue”, proposed by the World Youth Forun Right to Dialogue of the Poetry and Solidarity Association, in collaboration with iSDC- International Center for Studies and Documentation for Youth Culture, with CRID-Interdepartmental Research Center on Discrimination and Vulnerability. Previous seminars in Modena, Brescia.

The meeting is also in preparation for the event included in the ESOF -Science in the City Festival program: Dialogue and Languages. Scientists confront each other (24 July, Auditorium del Revoltella 6.00-8.00 pm)