This year too the Centre participate to the Annual Conference of the International Socidety for Cultural History that will be held in Umeå, Sweden, 26-29 June 2017.
The general theme this year is ‘Senses, Emotions and the Affective Turn – Recent Perspectives and New Challenges in Cultural History’.

The Centre, according with its strong attention for the cultural-historical profiles of the “contemporary question” has proposed a panel, coordinataed by Gabriella Valera on “Figures of victory and defeat (of winner and won): historiographical and iconographic representations (a contribution to history of emotions and affective turn).
Gabriella Valera
will present a paper on “People and King: figures of victory and defeat in the History of French Revolution by Jules Michelet”.
Dario Castellaneta and Francesca Luise, young researchers and members of the Centre will present a paper on “Agents and processes of mediation between individual
pathos and collective consciousness. An enquiry on photography. (Castellaneta) and on the theme “Not you! Iconic figures of victory and defeat in the everyday life conflict” Luise)

Gabriella Valera is Scientific Dierector of the Centre

Dario Castellaneta, aged 38, born in Milan, graduated in Theoretical Philosophy in 2008 at University of Venice, has owned a Ph.D degree in Aesthetics at the University of Trieste in 2012, graduated in Contemporary History in 2015 at University of Trieste/Udine. His field of interest focus on photography and its purposes in modern culture.

Francesca Luise is phd in Civililtà dell’Umanesimo e del Rinascimento (I.N.S.R. Firenze)
Master in Illustrazione per l’infanzia e pedagogia iconica (University of