The Forum, organized by the Association Poetry and Solidarity (supported and advised by the iSDC), sets itself the task of affirming the Right to Dialogue as a fundamental human right by constituting the necessary conditions to act this right in the different contexts overcoming cultural juridical diversities.

Each year a different theme of high impact in terms of values conveyed is suggested, and about fifty young speakers (18-35 years old) from all over the world come to discuss it.

The Forum offers a cognitive pattern based on dialogue that operates through open discussions on various topics, including controversial ones, and represents a space of self-reflection where young people have the opportunity to analyze themselves and their notions of cultural belonging.


Next forum
September 27th – 29th, 2019

There’s no time left: Environment, Right, Geopolitics” 

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Dialogue is work according to rules

(from “the dialogical condition”, world youth forum right to dialogue X edition)