The Summer School is targets university and graduate students, PhD students as well as post-docs in various disciplines above all but not only in the fields of humanities (history, philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology) who, with their curricula, pursue careers as teachers, social workers, trainers, sociologists and cultural managers in the research, cultural and educational programmes

As far as contents are concerned the Summer School focuses on the triads youth/culture/institutions and youth/dialogue/citizenship. a different sub-theme is launched every year. It consists of several different modules in order to offer wide and well-structured skills on both a disciplinary and methodological niveau (as assured by the highly qualified teachers) and a peculiar, open and wide-ranging dialogical approach.


The Summer School is held yearly in Trieste during the last week of August. 

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Planned programme: “Networked Institutions”
22 -25 August
Call for papers and programmes will be posted soon

Download programmes of past editions.
Download programmes of past editions.

Youth culture