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La missione del Centro

The iSDC’s mission can be summarized through a number of guidelines which highlight its ethical and methodological foundation.




The iSDC strengthens personal and professional connections overcoming the simple competitive logic. The goal is the enhancement of exchange, synergies and interconnections that can be useful and effective in the fields of knowledge and skills exchange.


The iSDC crosses horizontally knowledge and practices expanding visions and elaborating languages coming from different areas such as the humanities (with their historical, juridical, political, ethical and social dimensions), the arts and the sciences (as in exact sciences). The iSDC, however appreciative of specialization, nevertheless furthers transversal and wider approaches on the complexities emerging from interdisciplinarity, and a strategic vision on current issues.


The iSDC furthers an open and informal approach, as well as encounters which facilitate dialogue between students, young researchers, professionals or renowned experts who actively participate in its initiatives.


iSDC stimulates dialogue between cultures (including “scientific cultures”) promoting area diversity as a “principle” of change and as a vector for the reformulation of paradigms, enrichment, tolerance and growth.

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