Intergenerational Looks
in the contemporary world


Goals and achieved outpuf

attivities 2019

 1. Trieste Summer School 2019
(2^ edizione annuale, 28-31.8.2019)

2.   Giornate internazionali di studio
(6^ edizione annuale, 29.11 – 1.12.2019)

3. “Oltre il divino” – Omaggio a Leonardo da Vinci
(30.11.2019) | video . | locandina | Pagina dedicata “evento leonardo”

4. Digital Library – Avviata l’operatività

5. Manifestazioni culturali nel territorio

irKnowing the contemporary, entering into complexity: this is the thread that runs through the actions proposed by the Center under the title “Evergreen – Intergenerational Looks in the contemporary world”. The project with the actions of the Center aims to enhance the proactive capacity of young people and to create opportunities to bring out their talents especially in the new professional and managerial sectors that have their strength in the “culture”, in its infinite communication methods. Transversality between practices, specialized disciplines and their histories, insatiable attention to diversity, ability to observe and “look”, intellectual creativity combined with scientific experimentation are the attitudes that those sectors require and that the Center makes grow with its training offers.

The project, “Evergreen”, supported by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with a contribution of 10 thousand euros – call for applications for dissemination of humanistic culture – starts on August 28 with the second edition of the “iSDC Trieste Summer School” and includes a series of activities that will continue until the end of February 2020. Along this path, even in such a different world, the fascination of Leonardo’s thought and his modus operandi did not fail to suggest and draw attention to certain aspects brought to light by the recent studies. Even the already historic actions carried out by the center will be colored by this suggestion: in addition to the second Trieste Summer School and the sixth edition of the International Study Days “Youth, Culture and Institutions”, a Study Day will be dedicated to the theme “Leonardo da Vinci: an open work. The language and its sub-codes. “Modernity and contemporaneity will be compared on the ground of the definition of their knowledge and investigating the “Leonardo” connection between humanistic culture and the knowledge of technicians, which covers an important part of the history of science, insinuating itself today in the folds of every debate.”Language” and “Dialogue” will be a particular object of critical discussion, consistent with the guidelines pursued by the Center, to foster awareness of the values ​​of an observation paradigm and a search for scientific truth that is broad, free and open to different dimensions . Finally, the Digital Library in preparation will also be operational.

Right to dialogue is a fundamental human right.

Gabriella Valera